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Beginning in 1904, Breathe California has worked to reduce the impact of lung disease through prevention, education, advocacy and patient services.

Our five local offices continue to fight lung disease and protect lung health through grassroots work in our own communities. We offer a wide array of quality programs and services to combat critical lung health issues such as asthma, tobacco use, emphysema, lung cancer, air pollution and tuberculosis. We strive to reach all of the diverse populations unique to our state and to help all Californians breathe easier. To learn more, visit your local Breathe California office's website.

On a statewide level, we work in Sacramento to help shape policy and pass legislation supporting our vision of a healthier California where we can breathe cleaner air.

On a national level, we work together with our BREATHE AMERICA™ Alliance members to prevent lung disease, advance public health, and promote clean air through direct services, education, advocacy, and research. Learn more about the Breathe America Alliance members across the country here.

#BeTheFirst PSAVideo Contest

➤ DEADLINE EXTENDED: February 10, 2017 - 5:00PM

Breathe California is looking for middle and high school students to make an anti-tobacco/nicotine video Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the theme “Be The First”: What would it be like if your generation were the first to be tobacco-free?

Winning videos will be featured at the Breathe Youth Media Awards on February 25, 2017 in Sacramento. Winners will receive cash prizes and be entered into the Breathe California Statewide PSA Contest! To find out more, click on the link to the areas closest to where you live or go to school:

  • Sacramento Valley and Northern California, click here.
  • Bay Area (Oakland, Berkeley, Fresno, Merced, etc.), click here.
  • Golden Gate Area (San Francisco, San Mateo, Richmond, San Jose, SF, Sonoma, etc.), click here.
  • Los Angeles and Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, etc.), click here.

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In addition to our local grassroots programs which promote lung health, we are working on state and national levels to help shape policy and pass legislation supporting our vision of healthier communities and cleaner air.

Breathe California is making a difference by advocating for lung health issues and acting as a model for the nation.... but we can't do it without you.

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