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Beginning in 1904, Breathe California has worked to reduce the impact of lung disease through prevention, education, advocacy and patient services.

Our five local offices continue to fight lung disease and protect lung health through grassroots work in our own communities. We offer a wide array of quality programs and services to combat critical lung health issues such as asthma, tobacco use, emphysema, lung cancer, air pollution and tuberculosis. We strive to reach all of the diverse populations unique to our state and to help all Californians breathe easier. To learn more, visit your local Breathe California office's website.

On a statewide level, we work in Sacramento to help shape policy and pass legislation supporting our vision of a healthier California where we can breathe cleaner air.

On a national level, we work together with our BREATHE AMERICA™ Alliance members to prevent lung disease, advance public health, and promote clean air through direct services, education, advocacy, and research. Learn more about the Breathe America Alliance members across the country here.

Governor Brown Raises California Smoking Age to 21, Tightens Vaping Rules

On Thursday, just after 5:00 p.m., Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the strongest set of tobacco control bills the state has seen in years. After almost two years of legislative fights, tough committee votes, protests, and political threats, California has again secured its status as a leader in the fight against big tobacco.
The bills signed by Governor Brown respond to many pressing issues in tobacco control. The bills:

  • raise the age for legal access to tobacco to 21 years old;
  • align the regulation of e-cigarettes with our state’s tobacco control laws;
  • eliminate long-standing loopholes in state smoke-free workplace laws;
  • increase fees on tobacco retail licenses;
  • improve access to smoke-free programming in California schools.

Breathe California is proud to have fought alongside partners from the Save Lives California coalition from the moment these bills were introduced to receiving their signature. Our strongest advocates were our Breathe California Sacramento Emigrant Trails Youth Advisory Board. Students from around the region that took the time to come and testify about the importance of these bills before committees, at press conferences, and all the way to the Governor’s office.

California has, with these bills, regained its status as a leader in the fight against big tobacco. Because these bills work together, our state once again has the strongest protections in the nation to keep tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) out of the hands of young people.

Matthew Read

Thanks for your support!

Matt Read,
Statewide Government Relations Director
Breathe California

Photo of California State Capitol by daveynin, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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In addition to our local grassroots programs which promote lung health, we are working on state and national levels to help shape policy and pass legislation supporting our vision of healthier communities and cleaner air.

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